TallyExplorer (Back Office Management System of TallySales)

Enhanced Back Office Experience
Purchasing Management

The Purchase Ordering module allows you to easily create purchase orders for your vendors, automatically updating all of your inventory stats on the fly as new inventory is received.

Quickly and efficiently create purchase orders that meet vendor minimum order requirements.

Print barcodes and labels as needed or as part of the receiving process.

Receive on serialized merchandise.

Product Management

Manage and create New Products and Packages. Define the unique characteristics for your retail environment and reporting requirements.

Single and Multi-Store Inventory Management in Real Time - Keeping track of your inventory across multiple locations is easy with our Multi-Store / Warehouse Inventory Functionality that allows you to look-up, transfer in and transfer out inventory from one location to another. Track inventory adjustments, open box returns and RMA’s.

Sales and Marketing

The TallySales retail motto is “Your World… Your Way” and that is exactly what the TallySales Sales / Marketing module lets you define and manage:
  • Sales Events
  • Markdowns
  • X for Y Pricing
  • Gift Card Management
  • Coupons
  • Target Mailing and Email
  • Web Store Management
  • Create and Manage your Customers
  • Discount Plans
  • Event Scheduling
We know your customer is your #1 priority. TallySoft Customer Relationship module is designed to assist you with communicating with your customer, identifying customer buying trends, and improving customer satisfaction. Our software provides all the customer management features you need in order to communicate with your customer.

Human Resources

Being able to manage your employees through your point-of-sale software is essential when it comes to store operations and impacting your bottom-line. The TallySoft Human Resources module provides the tools necessary for employee management, security, time management and performance analysis; giving you control on running your retail operation.

TallySoft Security utilizes a group and user based security system, giving you the ability to have an unlimited number of security groups, and an unlimited number of groups and users. You decide what any given group or user has the right to access.


As a business owner, you know that you can be more successful if you can maintain greater control over your costs and profits.
  • Accounting Interface Management

    The TallySoft Data Broker allows you dynamic data exchange with many of the major accounting applications.

  • Manage Customer Accounts
  • Manage Employee Time Sheets
  • Financial Reconcilliation

Incredibly easy to use and configure. Designed with flexibility in mind, TallySales is scalable virtually without limits, allowing our system to adapt to your business… your way.

TallySales POS is Network Tolerant. The register has an independent database to provide the POS user the ability to continue retail operations, regardless of the network status. When connectivity is re-establish, the register will securely synchronize with the server, network or cloud.

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Other Features

TallySales is a complete retail management solution; review these features in more detail:

Customer Relationship Management | Inventory Managment | Employee Managment | Loyalty Program | Reporting
Pricing, Sales & Promotions | Integrated Credit Card | Accounting Interface | eCommerce | Speciality Integrated Solutions
Packages | Event Scheduler | Special Orders | Layaways, Quotes, Work Orders, Web Orders & more...
Network Tolerant | Intuitive - Easy to Learn and Use | Support Center

Buyers Guide : Select your POS Software

Found in many retail outlets worldwide, point of sale (POS) software is an effective way to streamline the selling process. Complete with a number of systems used to speed up the checkout and ordering processes, this software can help minimize errors and help keep track of transactions. With a variety of programs to choose from, TallySales Retail Management Suite tops the list.

Review the buyers guide  to identify considerations when selecting your retail management system.