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Brick and Mortar Retail with Mobile Tablet and Integrated eCommerce
Easy to use, graphical touch POS 'Cash Register'
On the sales floor or out of the store with 'Mobile Cash Register'
A powerful Back Office management system
Hundreds of pre-built reports and a built in report designer
Make the sale regardless of the status of the web or network

Innovation Inspired by People and Technology

If your vision calls for an integrated retail management solution that delivers an exceptional user and customer experience, you have come to the right place. We are experts in technology and design, and we are passionate about helping you build a retail management solution that meets your immediate needs and your goals for the future. With our leading-edge Software, Services and Support, let us give you the solution that brings your vision to light.

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TallyRegister TallyRegister
Easy to use, graphical touch POS 'Cash Register' - fast, simple, accurate, and secure .
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Take TallySales for a test drive with our free fully supported trial version.
TallyExplorer TallyExplorer
The 'Back Office Management' system of TallySales.
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Immediate help at your fingertips.
TallyReports TallyReports
Hundreds of ready reports with a custom report generator - See Your World Your Way.