TallySoft Mobile Tablet


Traditional POS required a stationary register connected to a cash drawer, printer and other supporting devices. Today, retailers are enhancing their retail environment to include mobile technology. TallySales provides the best of both worlds. Whether TallyRegister is configured traditionally or on a tablet, working in conjunction with each other or independently, TallySales is a fully functional Retail POS.

TallyMobile tablets are full-featured, easy-to-carry devices for mobile point-of-sale, inventory management and other sales applications. Effective deployment and management of Tablet PCs enable customers to make real time purchase decisions at the point of interaction between the retail employee and their customer.

TallyMobile Register, TallyMobile Explorer (Back Office Management) and TallyMobile Combo (Register and Explorer) provide you the advances in technology to efficiently manage the entire workflow of the front-of-house and the back-of-house using a tablet. Simply amazing!

TallyMobile LB (Line Buster) can help to shorten checkout lines and improve checkout efficiency by providing the floor salesperson the ability to create quotes for settlement. TallyMobile LB has most of the functionality of a TallySales register and is sold at a reduced cost.

By running TallySales on a tablet, here are some of the benefits you can expect:
  • Improved transaction times
  • Reduced abandon rates
  • Enhanced customer shopping experiences
Minimum requirements for a tablet running TallyRegister is 2GB Ram or TallyExplorer 4GB Ram, and for both a 16GB Static Hard Disk and running Window 8 Pro.
Hardware add-ons include barcode scanners, credit card readers, network receipt printers, and network cash drawers