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It is vital for a retailer to have to specific point of sale information in order to manage their business effectively. Often, however, this information can be limited, untimely, fragmented, or aggregated beyond the level needed for proper analysis. TallyReports is built to deliver the information collected from TallyRegister (POS) and TallyExplorer (Back Office Manager) when you need it and how you want it.

All printed documents (Sales Transactions, Sales Management, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Inventory Management, Reconciliation, etc.) can be customized to adhere to your branding.
  • Over 250+ prebuilt reports are available to help you run your business and make informed decisions.

  • Monitor sales activity throughout the day using reports by store, vendor, employee and even hour of day for comparatives analysis metrics such as total sales, average sales and margin.

  • Analyze sales data to measure the effectiveness of pricing campaigns and to guide purchasing.

  • Schedule reports to run automatically.

  • Export reports to Excel, Word, PDF, HTML or a report writer for further manipulation.

  • For more sophisticated reporting needs, you can use the built in report designer. Our report designer complies with RDL (Microsoft Report Definition Language) industry standards.

  • For even more reporting needs, ODBC-compliant report writers can be used to create custom reports from your TallySales Data.
TallySales Reports Designer

Building a Report in Action!

Fast, Simple, Accurate and Secure
A Complete Retail Management Solution

  • Customize an existing TallySales pre-built report.

  • Easily input additional reporting data, images, graphs, etc.

  • Save the entire report definition in XML Format.

  • Add to TallySales Reports Explorer as a Public (company-wide) or Private report.

  • Deploy to the web.

  • Report Designer is fully compatible with Microsoft RDL (Report Definition Language) standards.