TallySoft Customer Loyalty
TallySoft ® Customer Loyalty

As we all know, an integral part of your business is your customer base. Why not repay them for helping to make your store a success and remaining loyal to you! One of the goals of managing a successful business is to capture as much customer information as possible at the point of sale. Once customer information is captured, invaluable data is gathered and presented in a way that you can easily understand. From their buying trends, purchasing history, and profitability of customers are just a few important tools that will quickly develop, making your future ordering easier and more accurate. TallySoft® has developed several means to keep your customers coming back on a consistent basis in order to make your shop the “go to place” for your market.


TallyCards feature your company logo(s) and are processed through the system. This means that there are no third party swipe fees when programmed or redeemed. In addition, there are no monthly fees for the TallyCard program. There is a one-time initial setup fee for the first design and a minimal secondary fee for additional designs. Each card printed is printed at a low cost with a 50 card minimum order quantity. Both Gift and Merchandise credit cards can be set up to print a second receipt similar to a credit card sale. This way, if there are any problems with the card, the recipient has proof-of-purchase. TallyCards can be set up for the following uses:

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a terrific way to keep customers coming back to your store (and act as free advertisement from their wallet!). Once a card is sold, it can be used in any of your store locations and will function as a debit card until the balance reaches zero. After reaching a zero balance, the card can then be recharged and sold to another customer. If a customer would like to add funds to the card, they can do so at any time. Gift cards can be created at the time of purchase or predefined and sold in incremental values.

Merchandise/Store Credit

Issuing a store credit card is as easy as tendering a sale to cash. Simply choose the return/refund button and scan the product(s) being returned. Swipe the Merchandise Credit card and hand the card over to the customer to be used towards their next purchase.

Member Cards

Member cards are an easy way to attach a customer to the sale by swiping their card. In addition to capturing their information for each purchase, the register will also recognize any predefined discounts issued to the customer, saving the cashier valuable time. An example might be a ski team that receives a discount on equipment and/or lift tickets.

3rd Party Gift Cards

If your company needs or is already using a 3rd party gift card program, we support those as well through our credit card authorization server process.

Bonus Bucks

Many companies today are allocating a point value to a product for future customer purchasing power. TallySoft® has created an optional program called Bonus Bucks, which will accumulate on each customer purchase. You set the percentage or dollar value for each product and let the customers spend their accrued points as one way of paying them back for their loyalty to you. Total earned points are printed on each receipt so the customer can easily see how much they have earned in your store.

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