TallyExplorer (Back Office Management System of TallySales)

Art…you don’t have to look in an old museum or uptown studio to find it. Art can emerge from everyday situations…from ordinary people with a passion for what they do.

At TallySoft®, helping retail businesses maximize their point of sale capabilities is our art form. We’ve developed a state-of-the-art system — TallySales® — that enables retailers to harness the information generated at the point of sale, and use it in business critical applications like inventory management, marketing, sales and financial reporting, and customer relationship management.

Close collaboration with our retail clients colors everything we do at TallySoft. The functionality and flexibility of TallySales is a direct result of that collaboration.

TallySales delivers:TallySales Tendering Credit Card
  • Complete processing of all types of sales (and non-sales) transactions…everything from credit card processing and layaway, to special orders and customer quotes.
  • Inventory management for efficient ordering and tracking of products in one store location, or between many locations; even tracking serial numbers for warranty, product recalls and licensing.
  • Automation of a wide variety of financial and sales reporting tasks, with more than 250 ready-made report templates.
  • Workforce administration, including scheduling, hours and commission tracking, and sales analysis.
  • Gift, merchandise credit and membership card programs for customer convenience and building customer loyalty.
  • Customer relationship management capabilities that analyze what customers are buying, and when, helping to build targeted lists for marketing campaigns.
The two main components of the TallySales system – TallySales Point of Sale Suite and Back Office Management Suite – work seamlessly together to help you capture critical data, then organize and analyze it.

TallySales Point of Sale Suite

Since the cash register is the heart of any retail operation, TallySales Point of Sale Suite features easy-to-use, graphical touch-screen technology that reduces the learning curve for your salespeople, and speeds the process of gathering sales, customer, inventory and employee information. Colorful speed keys put the most commonly used POS functions at your fingertips. Standard interfaces such as a barcode scanner, keyboard, and mouse are also included.

TallySales Back Office Management Suite

This tool lets you effectively manage the activities of ordering and receiving, reporting, employee/sales force management, and marketing. Using TallySales Back Office Management Suite, you can develop reports and initiate processes that will have a direct benefit to your bottom line. For example, you can market to your entire customer base, or target a specific group based on purchasing history. TallySales Back Office can help you can analyze sales data by employee as a means to encourage cross-selling and up-selling. TallySales Back Office also controls security and database access for any specific network of registers at the headquarters or satellite stores.

Like a work of art, business is often times subjective – the same process that works well for one retailer, may not be right for your business. That’s why TallySales can be easily configured to meet a wide variety of business requirements. For example, if you would like to offer your customers the option of trade-ins to increase their purchasing power, TallySales will make the process fast and simple for your sales staff. What about bundling products together to boost your sales? TallySales includes a “packaging” option that will help you simplify what can be a complex and tedious transaction.

Expandability - TallySoft is prepared to meet the retail management needs of local stores with one register to conglomerates with hundreds of stores – and any store in between! TallySales is a completely Network Tolerant Retail Management Suite well-suited for expandability and potential growth of your business.

Flexibility - Choose the base features in TallySales Standard and Professional Editions that best suits your business requirements. To further enhance your specific business needs, TallySoft offers a variety of Additional features to choose from.