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We know your customer is your #1 priority. TallySales Customer Relationship Manager is designed to assist you in communicating with your customers. By capturing information at the point of sale, you can easily identify customer buying trends and improve customer satisfaction. TallySales incorporates the customer management features needed to effectively communicate with your customers.

TallySoft Discount Plan

Customer Incentive Discount Plans

With customer incentive discount plans, you can assign automatic discounts to reward your customers for remaining loyal to you. Simply create or modify a plan and select the products that you want to discount. This will save the cashier time and can be used in tandem with Member Cards. You can also set whether the customer is an employee or a Loyalty Program Member.

TallyMail (Target and Bulk Mailing)

The TallyMail program allows you to create mass mailings to stimulate business or show appreciation to your customers by sending out a birthday wish or thank you letter to new customers. Capturing customer information at the point of sale allows you to sort through your best customers and reward them with coupons or gift cards. An example of a mass mailing you might send is alerting customers about a product recall. By creating your own custom letter, TallyMail gives you a simple and quick solution to send and alert the customers that purchased that product.

With TallyMail you can easily print labels for targeted mailings, export to Excel for further manipulation, e-Mail or send to an e-Mail marketing program.

Purchasing History

Attaching a customer to a sale is very simple and can be done at any time during the sale or even after the sale has been completed. Once a customer is attached to a sale, their purchasing history will be stored for the life of the system or until it is purged by you. If a customer needs to return an item and doesn’t have their receipt, you can easily reprint a sales receipt or view previous purchases from as far back as you choose. Layaways, special orders and in-store accounts (with optional finance charges) can also be viewed and reprinted.

Customer Demographics

Use Customer Demographics to define a customer’s default store, select discount plan, keep their tax exempt information, retain their encrypted credit card on file, define a customer relationship and even create your own custom demographic fields. These custom fields let you provide an unlimited level of demographic details that are important to your business; i.e. A ski resort may use custom demographic fields for this customers “Boot Size”, “Ski Experience Level”, “Age”, “Do Not Send Promotional Emails”, and more.

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