TallyRegister (Point of Sale System of TallySales)

The cash register is the heart of a retail business. It’s the point where the customer and salesperson come together to complete the sale… the point where customer expectations meet your ability to deliver the products and services they want. Because customer satisfaction -- and your bottom line -- is at stake, there’s no room for inaccuracy or unreliability. Efficiency is an absolute necessity at the point of sale.

Point of Sale and Checkout
  Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Quick and flexible item entry using barcodes, general descriptions, manual inventory lookup or optional touch screen item buttons.

  • Flexible customer lookup using name, phone, company or miscellaneous information like store card or customer account.

  • Issue and track fully-integrated gift cards, gift certificates and store credit across multiple store locations in real-time.

  • Fully integrated EFT payment processing that is fast, secure, reliable and PCI compliant.

  • Processing of merchandise returns and exchanges with built-in verification that reduces fraudulent return.

  • Promotions functionality to support buy X get Y (BOGO & BTGT) and coupon tracking.

  • Automatic discounting/pricing at point of sale based on customer type (retail, account, employees), number of units sold or by date.

  • Speed up POS transactions with user-defined touch screen cash buttons and quantity (multiplier) buttons.

TallySales in Action!

Fast, Simple, Accurate and Secure
A Complete Retail Management Solution

  • Accept and utilize an unlimited number of foreign currencies at point-of-sale.

  • Perform quick price checks and stock inquiries directly from point of sale.

  • Discreetly track specific activities occurring at the point-of-sale, such as sales cancellations and discounts, for reporting purposes.

  • Collect customer demographic information at point of sale to use later to better understand your customers and track your marketing ROI.

  • Easily track non-sale cash added or removed from the cash register, such as petty cash used to buy office supplies for the store.

  • Select from multiple receipt printing options – print a receipt, do not print a receipt, email a receipt, or recall a receipt for re-print at any time.

  • Easy product level “Salesperson Identification” during the sales for spiff, promotions or performance reporting.

Expandability - TallySoft is prepared to meet the retail management needs of local stores with one register to conglomerates with hundreds of stores – and any store in between! TallySales is a completely Network Tolerant Retail Management Suite well-suited for expandability and potential growth of your business.

Flexibility - Choose the base features in TallySales Standard and Professional Editions that best suits your business requirements. To further enhance your specific business needs, TallySoft offers a variety of Additional features to choose from.