TallyRegister (Point of Sale System of TallySales)

TallySales Point of Sale Suite is a system that will take your business far beyond the traditional cash register. It not only speeds and simplifies the process of tendering a sale; it gathers a variety of information that’s critical to your business.

Base System Highlights
Graphical Touch Screen

The POS Suite incorporates simple-to-use touch screen technology, reducing the learning curve for salespeople, speeding the process of completing the sale, and making even complex transactions simple. Multiple forms of tender per sale as well as multiple forms of currency can easily be accepted and tracked. Colorful speed keys can be created for one-touch product entry. Best of all, the format and functionality of the screen is easily configurable to suit the way you do business.

Product “Packages”

The POS Suite gives you the ability to create a package by bundling together any combination of products that is typically lower in price than if its components were sold separately. Creating packages is a great way to promote up-selling and, with the POS Suite, completing a complex package sale is fast and easy for the salesperson. Packages may contain any group of items that you want to promote or items that are always used together. Package functionality also applies to restaurants, where several menu items are often grouped together. With the POS Suite, speed keys reduce tedious steps, and the system encourages up-selling by automatically adjusting the prices for upgrades within the package. Best of all, when a package is purchased, inventory is decreased for each SKU that makes up the package, and each individual item is represented on the sales screen and the receipt.

Inventory Tracking

When a customer wants to know whether an item is in stock, on order, or available at another store, your salespeople need to have the answers at their fingertips. The POS Suite was designed to integrate with the inventory data contained in our TallySales Back Office Management Suite, so that salespeople can perform inventory look-up right at the point of sale. When a sale is made, the POS Suite shares information with the Back Office Management Suite ensuring inventory is kept up to date.

Integrated Credit Card Processing

The Point of Sale Suite offers an interface to optimize the speed and efficiency of credit card processing. Using internet technology, cards are authorized in seconds. Should you choose to use an external credit card processing device; the POS Suite can easily accept this method as well.

TallySales has fully integrated EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) payment processing that is fast, secure, reliable and PCI compliant. With TallySoft there is not a pre-selected processor requirement. Most competitors often want to choose for you and leave you with no options.

Gift/Merchandise Credit/Membership Cards

Many retailers say instituting a card-based program for gift giving, merchandise credit, or customer membership is a great way to capture customer data, build customer loyalty and enhance shopping convenience. With the POS Suite, cards that feature your company logo may be easily processed through the system -- either internally using a card swipe or externally by scanning the card UPC code -- eliminating third-party swipe fees. Plus, there are no monthly fees associated with our card program.

Plan Management

With this enhancement you can set up a membership plan to reward repeat customers and ensure their continued patronage. Simply define your set of membership benefits and plan expiration parameters.

  • Serialized Inventory Tracking – With this enhancement you can keep an accurate record of inventory serial numbers for warranty, product service and maintenance, recalls and licensing procedures.

  • Consignment – If your business accepts goods for sale on a consignment basis, the POS Suite can help you efficiently manage the process.

  • Event Scheduler – One way to attract customers and build name recognition for your business is to host or sponsor an event, such as a demonstration, class or outing. The Event Scheduler enables you to create and sell entry to an event at the point of sale.

  • Requisition Printer Support – For restaurants and other types of businesses that need to communicate orders quickly from one operational area to another.

  • Electronic Scale Interface – If your business sells items based on weight, this enhancement enables you to integrate an electronic scale into the Point of Sale Suite.

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Other Features

TallySales is a complete retail management solution; review these features in more detail:

Customer Relationship Management | Inventory Managment | Employee Managment | Loyalty Program | Reporting
Pricing, Sales & Promotions | Integrated Credit Card | Accounting Interface | eCommerce | Speciality Integrated Solutions
Packages | Event Scheduler | Special Orders | Layaways, Quotes, Work Orders, Web Orders & more...
Network Tolerant | Intuitive - Easy to Learn and Use | Support Center

Buyers Guide : Select your POS Software

Found in many retail outlets worldwide, point of sale (POS) software is an effective way to streamline the selling process. Complete with a number of systems used to speed up the checkout and ordering processes, this software can help minimize errors and help keep track of transactions. With a variety of programs to choose from, TallySales Retail Management Suite tops the list.

Review the buyers guide  to identify considerations when selecting your retail management system.